Exchange rate forecast 2019
    The USA-China trade war, that broke out in 2018 has left the world economy in depression. To against with the effects of this trade war and deceleration of global economic growth, many countries have chosen to devalue their currencies. In which, the most affected country is China, which has devalued their currency many times in 2018 and 2019. Most recently, in early August 2019, USD/CNY exchange rate officially exceeded 7.
    Vietnam is a country that is expected to benefit from the trade war and the world's production shift to developing countries. In the past, China devalued the CNY many times and negatively affected the USD/VND exchange rate. But now, in our opinion, Vietnam's economy is developing stably and benefiting greatly from the trade war, so even if China devalues CNY more, will have little effect on USD/VND exchange rate like the past happened. USD/VND exchange rate will remain stable. For more detail please see the attached file below